Give the Gift of Vision

#EyeCanHelp Challenge

You have been officially nominated to participate in Nanodropper’s #EyeCanHelp Challenge as part of our Give the Gift of Vision Program

If you haven’t already, please take a look at our Give the Gift of Vision Program. This program was designed to help patients in need receive a Nanodropper at no cost to them by allowing others to purchase a Pay-It-Forward Adaptor on their behalf. Through this #EyeCanHelp Challenge, our goal is to raise awareness about vision loss and to improve access to vision-saving medication. If anyone you know has struggled to afford their eyedrops, this program is for them. Please note, this challenge is not to make light of people with vision loss, but to provide an opportunity for people to reflect on the unique challenges presented to those who are blind or who have low-vision. Our hope is that this will help raise awareness for National Save Your Vision Month and a call to action for more resources to maintain healthy vision.

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge… here’s how ours works:


  1. Try filling a glass of water as close to the top as possible… while blindfolded! If it overflows, you bust! 
  2. At the conclusion of the video, we ask that you nominate 3 to 5 of your colleagues/friends who might give the challenge a shot! Don’t forget the hashtags #EyeCanHelp and #EyeChallengeYou 
  3. It would be a huge added bonus for us if you would commit to purchasing a Pay-It-Forward adaptor ($14.99) to support our program, and encourage those you nominate to do the same.

Here’s some talking points for your video and/or caption:

You can choose one of these points to keep the message clear for your audience, feel free to put it into your voice!

Vision Awareness:
“March is National Save Your Vision Month. It is so easy for us to take our vision for granted — did you know only half of Americans get an annual eye exam? The #EyeCanHelp challenge is to raise awareness for healthy vision and eye health. To learn more about this challenge visit @nanodropper.”

Eye Capacity:
“Did you know your eye can only hold 10 micro liters of fluid? Most eyedrops are 5 times that size! That’s like filling a glass with 5 times as much water as it can hold… a big waste. Nanodropper solves this problem with its eyedrop bottle adaptor which eliminates eyedrop waste. The #EyeCanHelp challenge raises awareness for resources available to help people maintain healthy vision.”

Pay-It-Forward Adaptor:
“For those who need eyedrops to preserve their vision but have trouble affording them, navigating daily life can get difficult. That’s why Nanodropper wants to help these individuals with their #EyeCanHelp challenge. The mission is to provide Nanodropper adaptors to people who can’t afford them. They’re called Pay-It-Forward Nanodropper adaptors, and you can find them on nanodropper.com.”


“I nominate A, B, C, D, and E to attempt the #EyeCanHelp challenge. If you spill or don’t fill up the cup at least 3/4 of the way, you gotta donate a Pay-It-Forward Nanodropper adaptor! If you win, you should still consider donating, they’re only $15!”

Check out this example video from one of our cofounders, Mackenzie! 
(This one focuses on the eye capacity and Pay-It-Forward program)

Here is a non-editted example from team member, Robbie!
(This one focuses on eye health awareness and Save Your Vision Month)

And this shorter “reels style” video from cofounder, Jenny!
(Utilize the caption to share information about the challenge)

For all questions or inquiries about this program, please reach out to support@nanodropper.com.

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