Colored Label Sticker (4-pack)

Colored Label Sticker (4-pack)

Don’t mix up your eyedrop medications!
Our colored labels and icons will help you tell your medications apart and remember when to take your drops.

Each label order includes an annual supply (4 label sets + icons) to help you identify your bottles and remember when to take your eyedrops.* You will receive exactly what is pictured in the image after Color and Icon are selected.

(Scroll down for more details.)

Nanodropper Adaptor

Nanodropper Adaptor


Due to high demand, all new orders will be placed on a backorder queue. Our current delivery time estimate for new orders placed is approximately 4-6 weeks. If your need is urgent, please use our Partner Clinic Locator to see if there is a clinic near you that stocks the Nanodropper.
All orders on hold will be fulfilled in the order they were placed, so we encourage you to still place your purchase to ensure your product is reserved.
Please reach out with any questions or concerns about the fulfillment delay, or for assistance in locating a clinic near you.

The Nanodropper is a medical device.

Nanodropper does NOT fit on all bottles, please check compatibility prior to ordering.

Scroll down for important product and ordering information including compatibility, safety, and how to qualify for free shipping.

Nanodropper Adaptor and Label – Lumata Health

Nanodropper Adaptor and Label – Lumata Health

Each order under the Lumata Health partnership program will contain one Nanodropper Adaptor and a set of 4 colored label stickers and dosing icons. Bulk orders will include a variety pack of labels and icons. THE NANODROPPER DOES NOT FIT ON ALL BOTTLES, PLEASE...

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