Eyedrops are too big.
We make them smaller.

The Nanodropper is an FDA-cleared, low-cost, patent-pending, universal eyedrop bottle adaptor that decreases the volume of currently oversized eyedrops to reduce cost, waste, and side effects, ultimately increasing access to expensive prescription eye medications.

Current packaging of prescription eyedrop medications administers drops that are up to five times greater than the capacity of the human eye. Thus, eyedrop application results in wasted overflow onto the user’s face, or drainage by the tear ducts. Consequently, many patients encounter premature bottle exhaustion, where their eyedrop medication runs out before the end of the month. This forces patients to choose between paying out-of-pocket for expensive medicine or not complying with their prescription.

This problem is particularly distressing for low-income patients battling diseases like glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in the United States and abroad. On average, a bottle of prescription eyedrop medicine costs $350 out-of-pocket, and missing doses directly threatens patients' vision. This problem also extends to all patients prescribed expensive eyedrops such as patients with acute corneal injury, chronic dry eye disease, and post-cataract surgery.

Clinical research demonstrates that smaller eyedrops are just as efficacious as larger eye drops. However, drug companies have resisted reducing drop volume, likely because of the negative impact it would have on their revenue streams.

With our primary focus on providing an affordable solution to a global problem, we are empowering patients to regain control of their eye health care.

Health benefits of smaller drops 🡲

How do I order one?

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