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We are nanodropper

Nanodropper offers value-based solutions to close health equity gaps while promoting patient education and advocacy. Named after the company’s flagship product, Nanodropper has developed a patient-centered adaptor for eyedrop bottles to reduce the volume of currently oversized eyedrops by more than 60%. This will help reduce cost, decrease waste, and minimize potential side effects of vision-saving treatments.

Nanodropper’s products and educational content help patients navigate issues like vision insurance, eye doctor appointments, and deploying their resources in an efficient way. These initiatives align with Nanodropper’s mission of helping patients take back control of their eye health.







Our Story

In 2017, we read an article titled, “Drug Companies Make Eyedrops Too Big, And You Pay For The Waste”. After learning that patients are running out of their medication because of the waste created by these oversized drops, we wanted to develop a solution to empower patients to take control of their eye health by eliminating this financial barrier to care. With our dream team of four co-founders, Nanodropper was born.

Award-Winning Adapter

Nanodropper has received over 20 awards and accolades from institutions like the National Inventors Hall of Fame, National Science Foundation, and United States Air Force!

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