The Nanodropper Team

Executive Team

Allisa Song – CEO

Elias Baker – COO

Mackenzie Andrews – CCO

Jennifer Steger, PhD – CSO

Managment Team

Allisa Song headshot

Robbie Spencer – Marketing Manager

Alena Rainsberry – Accounts Manager, Accessibility Coordinator

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Meet Alena

Seattle, WA

Alena received her degree in chemistry from Western Washington University. She strives to use her science, travel, and education backgound to develop connections with patients and clinics and improve the accessibility and affordability of healthcare.

Meet Robbie

Rochester, MN

Robbie is an entrepreneur and award-winning journalist with a background in content creation and marketing. He was co-founder and executive editor of Naples Herald, and has contributed to The New York Times, Mayo Clinic’s education shield, and Florida Weekly. Robbie was drawn to Nanodropper because of the company's potential to change so many lives.

Meet Jenny

Seattle, WA

Jenny’s inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial roots led her to co-found Nanodropper. She recently completed her PhD in pharmacology at the University of Washington, and she has nine years of scientific research experience at top academic institutions, including her alma mater Brown University, Harvard Medical School, and UW.

Meet Mackenzie

Sunnyvale, CA

Mackenzie is a device design engineer who earned her master’s degree in bioengineering with a focus on technology commercialization from the University of Washington. She is passionate about designing and commercializing solutions to address current healthcare problems, especially to help close health equity gaps.   

Meet Elias

Rochester, MN

Elias is a mechanical engineer specializing in design and prototyping. He loves being involved with startups because they challenge him in new and exciting ways. His broad background includes projects with SpaceX, Spacelabs Healthcare, Kestra Medical Technologies, and McKinstry. His passion is within the biomedical industry, making advances in biomechanics.

Meet Allisa

Rochester, MN

Allisa is an MD candidate at the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and a serial entrepreneur and inventor with a background in Clean Tech, neuroscience, and harm reduction. She is a thought leader in the field of value-based innovation and the visionary behind Nanodropper. Allisa's patient-centered mindset drives Nanodropper's mission. 

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