Designed to improve every aspect of the eyedrop experience.


The ergonomic design of the pop-off cap is much easier to work with than a typical screw-on. The flat top also provides a platform to rest the cap on.

The tip is elongated, allowing the user to hold the bottle further from the eye. It’s also made of a soft and flexible, medical-grade silicone that won’t injure the surface of the eye, creating a safer eyedrop experience.

The ridged base makes for an easy installation, even for those with limited hand dexterity/strength. The ridges also creates an anti-roll design, preventing your eyedrop bottle from rolling around!

The Nanodropper fits most medicated eyedrop bottles. Remove the original cap, attach the Nanodropper, and you’re good to go!

Patient-Centered Design

Easy-to-follow — 4 steps for use

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