Health benefits of smaller eyedrops

Decreased side effects

Oversized eyedrops lead to medication overdosing, which can cause adverse side effects that range from minor annoyances such as foul taste and smudging makeup to serious systemic effects on heart health such as causing bradycardia and arrhythmias.

Limited preservative exposure

Eyedrop medications contain preservatives that ensure the sterility of the contents of the bottle. Reducing droplet size will minimize patient exposure to these potentially toxic preservatives.

Improved adherence

By reducing many of the top complaints arising from oversized drops and minimizing adverse side effects, the Nanodropper is removing multiple barriers to patient adherence. We hope to helpmaintain productive doctor-patient relationships and promote eye health by making consistent treatment a pragmatic long-term option for our customers.

Improved treatment efficacy

Clinical studies demonstrate that smaller eyedrops are just as safe and efficacious as traditional, oversized drops. Studies have also shown that the larger the drops, the faster they are drained by the tear ducts, thus limiting ocular bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy.

Decreased rates of adverse events in older adults

By improving treatment adherence by eliminating the financial barrier to expensive prescription medication, the Nanodropper is improving numerous aspects of patient life.

“Glaucoma patients who go untreated . . . run the risk of worsening vision loss and increased likelihood of requiring surgical intervention . . . Vision loss from glaucoma has been associated with an increase in the rates of falls, depression, . . . reduced physical activity, and nursing home admissions.”

-American Glaucoma Society

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