How many Nanodroppers do I need?

The Nanodropper adaptor is a sterile medical device and is not intended to be taken off the bottle once installed. We recommend using one adaptor per medication bottle and discard at the end of the bottle-life. There are no FDA-approved home sterilization methods for medical devices. Reuse of the Nanodropper may lead to contamination, infection, and injury.

We recommend that you talk to your eyecare provider to determine if the Nanodropper is right for your treatment plan. For general guidance, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that you throw away your bottle of eyedrops 3 months after you open the bottle. Therefore, 4 adaptors is an annual supply for most treatment plans.

If you plan to use a Nanodropper on mulitple medications, be sure to purchase one adaptor per bottle. For example, if you are on two different compatible eyedrops, you will need one Nanodropper per bottle, or about 8 Nanodroppers per year.

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