Safety and Quality.

Nanodropper is backed by decades of peer-reviewed research and is manufactured in compliance with the highest of regulatory standards.

Please contact us at info@nanodropper.com if you would like to use Nanodropper products in research.

Safety and Efficacy Data

  • Safety and efficacy of smaller drops is equivalent or superior to larger drops

  • Side effect profile of topical eye medications increases in a volume-dependent manner

    • This leads to complications for using topical eye medications especially in pediatric populations

See our whitepaper for more information on how the Nanodropper is improving medication safety and efficacy

Benchtop Testing

  • The capacity of the human eye is 7-10 μL

  • Nanodropper significantly reduces drop volume by over 60% on average

  • Never produces drops less than 10 μL

  • Tested with solutions, suspension, and emulsions

  • Non-inferiority clinical trials scheduled for 2021

Regulatory and Quality

  • FDA Class I medical device, 510(k) exempt

    • Cleared to sell in the US

  • Manufactured, assembled, packaged, and sterilized in US

    • ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms

  • Certifications: ISO 13485:2016, ISO 17665, ISO 9001-2015

  • HIPAA compliant practices verified

  • Department of Defense-approved sole source acquisition contractor for US federal entities



Nanodropper is a one-size-fits-most for a specific bottle type. Please visit the page linked below to ensure that Nanodropper is compatible with the formulation in question.

Download our professional flyer to start a conversation about the benefits of smaller eyedrops at your clinic today!

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