Alan Robin, MD, Ophthalmologist, Founder of the American Glaucoma Society

Two of the greatest obstacles to adherence are both price and convenience. The Nanodropper has the potential to minimize both of these impediments. Most commercial drops have a volume between 30 and 50 microliters. By reducing the volume per drop to 10 microliters, the effect of each drop should be the same, yet a bottle would last approximately 3 to 5 times longer. This would not only make medication last longer, obviating the need for frequent visits to pharmacies, but also significantly reduce medication burden on individuals with fixed incomes.

Jay Rudd, MD, Ophthalmologist

We have used it for two weeks now and have reduced our dilating drop use by 66%! We are amazed with how well it works. I am convinced this will save us thousands of dollars every year on dilating drops alone.

James Palmer, MD, Ophthalmologist

The two most common complaints patients have about their eyedrops are that the drops are too expensive and that the bottles run out before their insurance will pay for a refill. The Nanodropper will help alleviate both of these problems. It is a remarkably elegant and simple solution that I am looking forward to offering my patients.

Susan J., Ophthalmic Medical Technologist

Running out of drops before the end of the month can cause a patient to have to pay out-of-pocket or requires the doctor’s office to send in a prior authorization, which takes a lot of time. This [will] be a very helpful product.

Kirsten F. RN, BSN

I see so much waste everyday in the ICU. It’s everything from pre-packaged pain medications to eyedrop medications. It’s great to see that the Nanodropper [will] be giving some of the power back to the patients.

Nir Shoham-Hazon, MD, Ophthalmologist

I think it’s brilliant.

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