Lowering Eye Medication Costs And Increasing Adherence With Nanodropper

Mar 16, 2021 | Eye Health, Our Company | 2 comments

Nanodropper cofounders Mackenzie Andrews (Chief Commercialization Officer) and Dr. Jennifer Steger (Chief Scientific Officer) recently joined the innovative Outcomes Rocket podcast to discuss how the company helps reduce waste and cost of eyedrop treatments while improving access points and eye health. They share what drives their passion for healthcare, and educated listeners on eye medications, medication adherence, and health waste. They also talk about Nanodropper’s upcoming clinical trials and programs they launch to help improve low-income individuals, like the Give the Gift of Vision program.

The video above features our entire interview with Outcomes Rocket!

Here’s a preview of the Outcomes Rocket blog post about our interview, titled “Lowering Eye Medication Costs And Increasing Adherence With Nanodropper.”

When you think of the estimated $760 to $935 billion annual costs of waste in healthcare, you probably think of causes like unnecessary services, inefficient administrative costs, and expensive drugs, in pill, injectable, and cream forms. 

But did you know that most of the eyedrops you take include quite a bit of medication waste? Yes, that tiny bottle is a big part of the problem. 

Eye medications, especially for glaucoma, can cost hundreds of dollars per month. For low-income patients and others who are not sufficiently insured, each drop is precious. Though eyedrop bottles are designed to last a month or so, the current design also produces drops that are three to five times too large for the eye to absorb, making it hard for patients to extend the medication for the whole month. 

This situation contributes to the waste of medication and increases the risk of medication non-adherence. For patients, it means they are not getting the most out of their money. 

Now, there is a solution to this problem — the Nanodropper. 

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