Nanodropper Launches Their Give the Gift of Vision Program

Oct 30, 2020 | Our Company, Patient Resources | 0 comments

Give the Gift of Vision This Holiday Season With Nanodropper


Affordability means something different to everyone.


Nanodropper was created with the mission to reduce financial barriers to care while promoting better access to eye health. We know that everyone has a vision for tomorrow. Healthcare should ensure access to whatever that vision may be — not come between it.

Until now, there has been no device like the Nanodropper to reduce medicated eyedrop waste. A concerned citizen recently shared with us,

“I used to visit a lady once a month as part of my church work. She had a really bad case of dry eye and environmental sensitivity. The cost of the drops was staggering, and they were not covered by any plan. That left her with almost nothing to live on. If she had one of your Nanodroppers, life would have been so much better.”


Unfortunately, this story is not unique. There are millions of individuals who continually struggle to afford their vision-saving medications. We hope to change that.


The Program


That’s why we are excited to announce the Give the Gift of Vision program. Through this program, anyone can purchase a “Pay-It-Forward” Nanodropper adaptor for someone who may not be able to afford it themselves.

“We hope the ‘Give the Gift of Vision’ program will inspire people who understand how expensive eyecare can be to ‘pay it forward’ for those who might be having trouble paying for their prescriptions,” said Mackenzie Andrews, Nanodropper’s Chief Commercialization Officer.

If you purchase a “Pay-It-Forward” adaptor, we will notify you when your gift is delivered. Nanodropper will cover shipping on all Pay-It-Forward adaptors ordered, and adding Pay-It-Forward adaptors to your cart in addition to your own Nanodroppers will count towards the 4-unit order that grants free shipping, should you choose to take advantage of the benefit.

“Two of the greatest obstacles to adherence are both price and convenience. The Nanodropper has the potential to minimize both of these impediments,” said Alan Robin, MD, an ophthalmologist and founder of the American Glaucoma Society.

Since the Nanodropper adaptor started shipping out in June, hundreds of patients and clinics are already experiencing the benefits of using Nanodropper with their medicated eyedrops.

How to Participate


If you or a loved one is concerned about your ability to afford your eyedrop medication and the Nanodropper is not in your budget, sign up to receive a “Pay-It-Forward” Nanodropper adaptor at no cost to you by filling out this form. One of our team members will be in touch to get you your adaptor.

We hope you’ll join us on our mission to reduce cost, increase access, and promote eye health… one drop at a time.

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