An Ophthalmologist Explains Why Nanodropper Was Right For His Clinic

Nov 9, 2021 | Our Company | 0 comments

When glaucoma specialist Don Nguyen, M.D., of BVA Advanced Eye Care in Oklahoma, came across Nanodropper on Instagram, he was intrigued by the potential of the device.  Medication waste from excess droplet size has been a known issue in ophthalmology and optometry for quite some time. 

The Nanodropper is an eyedrop bottle adaptor that reduces droplet size by nearly 70%. This significantly reduces medication waste which leads to decreased costs, which will hopefully lead to better patient adherence, less early refill requests and fewer gaps in treatment.

“It immediately grabbed my attention,” Dr. Nguyen said.

He reached out to Nanodropper to obtain more information about the product.  After receiving a sample product and trying it out for himself, he knew he had to purchase Nanodropper adaptors to offer his patients. 

Learn why Dr. Nguyen decided to bring Nanodropper to his network of clinics across Oklahoma!

What is the problem you are aiming to solve?


Ophthalmologists have known for a while now that the size of the eyedrops we use are in excess of what patients actually need to get the effective dose of the medication.  Requests from our field to pharmaceutical companies to alter their bottles have been unsuccessful. 

We hear many of the same complaints from patients about their medications.  Drops always run off onto their cheek.  They run out of the bottle before they’re permitted to refill their medication.  Their drops cause persistent redness, and dry eyes. 

Cost is a huge issue for many patients, especially when prescribing branded drops. I typically start with branded drugs, but when cost becomes an issue I have to switch to generics. Nanodropper provides a way we can make branded drugs more affordable for patients.

headshot of dr don nguyen

Why did you choose Nanodropper?


Everything that Nanodropper does addresses problems that patients encounter.

Whether it’s troublesome side effects, cost, or running out of their drops too fast, the Nanodropper improves a lot of those issues for patients.

It was a no-brainer to try it and introduce it to all of our patients that use drops chronically.

How has it helped?


We ordered a box of 20, tried it out, and went through it in about three days.  I don’t really have to sell the product.  I just tell patients about it and what it does, and almost always they will give it a try.  My patients trust that I would only recommend a product if I believed it would help them and thus far the feedback I’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive.

a patient taking an eyedrop with a bottle using the nanodropper

All glaucoma medications cause some degree of ocular surface toxicity.  Oftentimes, patients will discontinue medications due to redness, burning, or itchiness due to drop toxicity.  Although the Nanodropper won’t eliminate these side effects, almost always the reduced volume makes the side effects much more tolerable to the patient, which leads to better compliance and management of their disease. 

Navigating rising drug costs can make patient care more tedious and certainly bog down support staff when patients call in to the office complaining of inability to afford their medications.  Nanodropper helps decrease waste and allows more patients to stay on their current treatment plans without having to switch to generics, which may not have the same efficacy or side effect profile as branded drugs. 

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