Colored Label Sticker (4-pack)


Don’t mix up your eyedrop medications!
Our colored labels and icons will help you tell your medications apart and remember when to take your drops.

Each label order includes an annual supply (4 label sets + icons) to help you identify your bottles and remember when to take your eyedrops.* You will receive exactly what is pictured in the image after Color and Icon are selected.

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*Nanodropper Adaptor not included; must be purchased separately


Ever notice how some eyedrop bottles have different colored caps? Those cap colors are specific for each type of medication.
Don’t get your medications confused when you install your adaptor! You may select any colored label that you want, but see the list below for the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s color recommendations based on glaucoma medication type.


We also want to help you remember when to take your medications. Most medications are supposed to be taken either in the morning, at night, or both. You can add a sun and/or moon icon to your bottle to remind you when you should take your medication.
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