Nanodropper Hires Alena Rainsberry to Lead Account Management

Sep 18, 2020 | Our Company | 0 comments

Meet Alena Rainsberry. Traveler. Language educator. Mountain climber. Former tour guide for Narnia (yes, that Narnia). And currently, Nanodropper’s Account Manager.

Alena is a seasoned world traveler who is thrilled to be a part of the Nanodropper team. She is tasked with bringing the company’s flagship device to patients and clinics around the globe. 

“I was excited when I heard about the vision (pun unintended) of the four co-founders of Nanodropper,” Alena says of the team. “I’m inspired by their dedication and courage to grow a company from the very beginning, and launching a product that can actually make a difference!”

About Alena

Alena graduated from Western Washington University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry. She spent the last two years of her collegiate career studying organometallic chemistry, investigating potential catalysts for selective hydrogenation of terminal epoxides to alcohols. In 2017, Alena earned the Ruth Watts Female Scientist Scholarship and Jean Dreyfus Boissevain Lectureship Award, fostering her interest and ability to work in the research lab. 

Her scientific background only scratches the surface when it comes to Alena’s many talents. After graduation, Alena gave in to wanderlust and immediately moved to Prague, where she began teaching English to adult language learners. 

“Having the opportunity to connect with people from around the world in an international city was incredible. There is so much you can learn from being in a community of diverse cultures and perspectives, “ Alena says of the experience. 

Alena embraced the life abroad and dove into the history of her new home. She became an international hiking guide in Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland (neither region is actually in Switzerland) in the Czech Republic and Germany.

“I led full-day excursions of these national parks through stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and around national monuments in Germany and the Czech Republic, providing a history and overview of the region along the way. In fact, the sandstone tower forests in northern Bohemia are where some iconic ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ movie scenes were filmed!”

Returning to Her Roots, And Taking a Risk

Alena returned to America in the summer of 2020 to ride out the COVID-19 pandemic closer to her roots. She also began to search for new opportunities while planning her return.

“As my time in the Czech Republic was coming to a close, I began searching for something completely different — I was ready to shake things up. Mackenzie Andrews (Nanodropper’s Chief Commercialization Officer) approached me about joining the Nanodropper team,” Alena says.

Alena ultimately decided to join the team. As Account Manager, she will utilize her scientific background to serve our partner clinics as they continue to learn the many ways Nanodropper can help patients and save them vital resources, like in-clinic eyedrops. She is also responsible for content accessibility, ensuring all patients are able to find the information they need to take back control of their eye health.

“I’ve always had aspirations to use my science background for a good cause, whether it be informing policy or helping patients. Working with Nanodropper is a great way to explore these opportunities.”

She had followed Nanodropper’s progress for some time, so she was excited to delve into the marketing world and experience what it’s like being part of a startup company.

“The co-founders were all students and young entrepreneurs, not established business pros with a lot of financial backing. I like being around people who aren’t afraid to take risks. I’ve never had any doubt they would succeed, and now that I’ve joined the team, I’m excited to contribute!”

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