Nanodropper Hires Robbie Spencer to Lead Marketing Efforts

Jul 17, 2020 | Our Company | 0 comments

Meet Robbie Spencer. Award-winning journalist. Avid sports fan. Aspiring semi-professional poker star. And now, Marketing Manager for Nanodropper.

As the company’s first full-time hire, Robbie represents the next phase in Nanodropper’s transformation from nimble, award-winning startup into a burgeoning company ready to field thousands of new orders and take its place as a thought leader in eye health.

“Nanodropper is well positioned to help patients around the world take back control of their eye health by providing a simple, revolutionary solution to oversized eyedrops,” Robbie says. “I’m excited for the chance to share this story with the world!”

About Robbie

Robbie graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University (known to some as Dunk City) with a BA in History and minors in journalism and management. He sports an eclectic background in content creation, specifically journalism and copywriting. Robbie has written, edited, and contributed to a variety of publications such as: Florida Weekly, the Naples Daily News, Mayo Clinic’s education shield, and The New York Times. During his time with Florida Weekly, he was named the Press Club of Southwest Florida’s “Young Journalist of the Year” in 2018 by a panel of local journalists and retired news executives.

Robbie recently left Southwest Florida behind to join his partner, Eva Lehtonen, MD, in Rochester, Minnesota, as she completes her orthopedic surgery residency at Mayo Clinic. For the last year he worked with the American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine as its Senior Communications & Membership Coordinator. In this role, he orchestrated communication efforts for AANEM and the American Neuromuscular Foundation.

Robbie is also a co-founder of Naples Herald, a digital news startup based in Southwest Florida. He served as the publication’s executive editor for more than three years, cultivating his vision of providing a free alternative news source featuring national and hyperlocal news stories.

During his tenure, Robbie oversaw Naples Herald’s expansion into video production with daily news reports, and into a neighboring market with the creation of Lee Herald, a sister news website featuring local and national news. He’s most proud of providing opportunities for young journalists. He created an internship program through his alma mater that resulted in more than a dozen interns getting an opportunity to try their hand at local news.

Robbie was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey (hence his allegiance to the Philadelphia Eagles) and grew up in sunny Naples, Florida (explaining why he is NOT a bandwagon Miami Heat fan. He’s watched them his whole life – and was born the same year as the team!). He has also served as a nonprofit consultant, a copywriter for Boston tech company Cantina, and even worked for a decade in the gaming industry as a professional poker dealer.

That last experience helped develop a childhood hobby of playing cards into various forays on the poker tour circuits. Robbie has played several tournaments in the World Series of Poker, and once won his way into a $10,000 buy-in main event tournament on the World Poker Tour. During the WPT event, he played for three consecutive 10-hour days before getting eliminated about a dozen spots away from scoring some major prize money.

“It still hurts, years later,” Robbie said with a laugh. Reports of him shedding a tear or two after said laugh remains pure speculation. 

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

His experience as an entrepreneur is what drew Robbie to take on the Marketing Manager role with Nanodropper.

“I had an intense belief in Naples Herald’s mission of providing an alternative source of reliable, accurate news to my hometown. I feel that again with what Nanodropper is trying to accomplish, which is to help patients take back control of their eye health,” Robbie says. “The Nanodropper adaptor will change so many lives simply by reducing medication waste. So my goal is clear: to make sure those people learn about us.”

Throughout his career, Robbie has sought to weave authenticity into his work, often sharing personal anecdotes with story subjects and readers to cultivate a deeper connection. This culminated with the publication of his first book, a memoir for a retired businessman who now resides on Sanibel Island. 

“It was a true honor for someone to share such a deeply personal side of themselves, allowing me to put their story on paper,” he said of the experience. “I’m excited to be a part of sharing the unique story of Nanodropper, its founders, and what it can do for the eyecare industry and an individual’s eye health.”

Robbie believes that authentic approach is what will set Nanodropper apart from other medical device startups.

“Our intentions are pure. We’re aiming to educate the public by providing accurate, engaging, educational content regarding eye health and answering common questions for those with diseases like glaucoma. And we happen to offer a product that will help them conserve medication and save money. I’m looking forward to spearheading our marketing efforts.”

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