Your Eyedrops Are Too Big — Nanodropper Makes Them Smaller

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Have you ever successfully administered an eyedrop without getting that unnecessary overflow? You know what we’re talking about. That big teardrop that rolls down your cheek. For glaucoma patients who need those precious eyedrops to maintain their sight, that can feel like actual money trickling away.

That’s just how it’s supposed to work, right? There’s no other way, is there? The pharmacy gave you those eyedrops, and they’re the size they should be. Right?

In reality, it’s a waste.

A waste of your money, and a waste of your drops.

And now there’s a solution — the Nanodropper.

The Problem: Eyedrops Are Too Big

Did you know current eyedrop bottles dispense about five times the liquid an eye can absorb? This even includes over-the-counter drops like Visine, as well as prescription drops. It’s no wonder that 25 percent of patients run out of their medication before their next refill.

And here’s the kicker — prescribed eyedrop medications can cost up to $500 per bottle. Virtually no insurance company foots that entire bill. This is causing you, the eyedrop user, to spend even more money out-of-pocket. If you can’t afford to do that, the doctor’s orders are out the window and your eye health suffers.

This is especially difficult for low-income patients battling diseases like glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in the United States and abroad. On average, a bottle of prescription glaucoma medicine costs $350. Missing doses can threaten a patient’s vision.

This isn’t just an issue for those with glaucoma — it’s a problem for many who have been prescribed expensive eyedrops. Patients with acute corneal injury, chronic dry eye disease, and post-cataract surgery are also affected.

To add to the problem, the current size of drops are simply larger than the eye can absorb, leading to unavoidable waste. Decades of clinical research demonstrates that smaller eyedrops are just as effective and even safer than larger drops.

This is where the Nanodropper comes in.


The Solution: Nanodropper Makes Your Drops Smaller

The Nanodropper is a universal eyedrop bottle adaptor that makes drops smaller. You simply remove the original cap, twist on the Nanodropper, and you’re ready to go. 

The Nanodropper…

  • Is FDA-listed

  • Is low-cost for the patient

  • Decreases the volume of currently oversized eyedrops

  • Reduces cost

  • Reduces waste

  • Reduces side-effects

  • Increases access to expensive prescription eye medications.

The Nanodropper has small drops, but big vision.

The Difference for You

The Nanodropper makes the ideal-sized drop to save your medication, health, and money.

Save Your Medication

We designed it with you, the patient, in mind. The device isn’t just easy and intuitive to use, it also makes the drop about four times smaller than current eyedrops. Thus making your medication last up to four times longer.

Save Your Health

Reducing the size of your eyedrops provides exponential health benefits over time as it improves your treatment. You’ll experience less side effects from administering too many eyedrops. From smudged makeup to systemic effects on heart health such as causing bradycardia and arrhythmias. There are typically preservatives found in eyedrops to keep them sterile — these can be toxic to the eye in excessive quantities.

Since numerous clinical studies demonstrate that smaller eyedrops are just as safe and successful as traditional, oversized drops, the Nanodropper can literally improve the effectiveness of your treatment, all the while stretching out that expensive bottle of drops months longer than normal.

Save Your Money

Saving your health is most important, and ensuring your medication lasts as long as you need is vital as well. But here’s the icing on the cake: using the Nanodropper could save you as much as $2,500 per year on prescription eyedrops.

Same bottle, more doses, cheaper drops. Need we say more?

The Nanodropper delivers you value-based care, one drop at a time, as it empowers you to regain control of your eye health.

Learn more about how the Nanodropper came to be and our mission here.

Author: Kristi Hargiss

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